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Every week Stations hire new batch of people where they have anti union propaganda, telling everyone how bad a union is and don't sign that card campaign. That is against court order.

I am a Union Member and i work at the Monte Carlo, i was in the march from the Union hall to the Palace Station i have attended every rally supporting the fight for equal rights for all Station employees , The slogan is we love locals!!! well in my opinion you can't get more local than the people that work in your establishments, also if i were in charge of the fight i would have made a video going after Stations all you need is love with what about love showing all station employees that were fired for standing their ground and believing in what work for!!!!! in the video airing everytime after the all you need is love commercial on tv.
Sometimes the things you work for also needs to be recognized as we the employees have a life and have goals too, after all with out us they would not run as smooth as it does, We also want the best care for our families after all everyone has family .
So keep your heads up we are all in this fight together.

aliante station team members need to rea;ize that we have nothing to lose at this point at that things cant possibly get any worse by signing the card...we have not recieved a raise in 3 years and its time for everyone to wake up and stand up for yourself and your family...dont be scared its our right

I think that Texas Station will be going union soon. There is so much corruption from upper management in that casino. The HR director and team member relations person are horrible. They try to fire innocent hard-working people for no reason and no one backs up the team members!! Yet one team member got caught gambling at work and comes back to work after a two-day suspension! How does that happen?!? The favoritism in that place makes me sick.

Elderly people deserve a quality of life in old age. They have been people who have forged this effort and dedication we are living today. We offer the best of us and restore all the good they have done for our country

Most of you are afraid,who has made you to live in fear at work? Its Stations culture that has. You want to sign up, but so afraid someone will find out or lose your job. Everyday you can lose your job now! Which boss are you going to suck up to in hopes they can give you a guaranteed job.They come and go. Don't sacrifice your dignity. This is about fairness and not favortism. This about your rights. Have the guts. We are going to need that free health care in the future. We are going to need to stand up before the rug is pulled out from under us. Remember it was too late for your house you lost and you had no say when they raised your credit card interest.Those that lost jobs already had no say. This is your chance for yourself. We can do this.The bible says fear is not of God. Maybe you've lived in fear so long you dont know you have a choice. Break free and be a human being again and stand up sign the card give yourself a fighting chance

You say free health care, yet we pay eighty dollars a month in dues? I can get great health care benefits from Stations for thirty dollars a month. How does this math work out?

Union’s Response to Concerned Cook: Concerned Cook that’s a really good question. Just to clarify, monthly dues are $41.50 for members of the Culinary union not $80 a month. And union members, unlike Station workers, receive free family health insurance regardless of whether they are full-time, part-time or on-call, as long as they work enough hours. If they are short hours, union members, unlike Station workers, can self-pay the difference to maintain their coverage. Union members are also in a PPO plan, not an HMO, and have a large selection of doctors and specialists they can choose from. Station’s PPO costs workers $60 a month for individual coverage and $175 a month for family coverage. Also, Station workers have had the cost of their health plans raised multiple times over the past few years. Union employers cannot start charging union workers for their healthcare unless the workers agree. Station Casinos can increase the cost of its health plans for its workers at any time and to any level. Station workers have no control over the cost of their healthcare. Union members also have a guaranteed, employer-paid pension. As I am sure you are aware, Station workers have a 401(k) and must contribute out of their own paychecks in order to have Station Casinos put any money toward their retirement. Of course, in December 2008 Station Casinos suspended the workers 401(k) match and is now no longer contributing anything for its workers’ retirement. There are many more differences between working union and non-union. If you’d like to learn more or have further questions, just give us a call at 387-7085.

I love working at station casinos. I work with a really great group of people. It's sad to me though that I have no job security. I have no health insurance, and unfortunately unless we unionize I never will have. Stations will never give me insurance willingly and it sure does'nt look like The government will ever get it together. I can't wait any longer. If I got sick today I would die. $41 a month union dues (big deal) free great health coverage (awesome deal)!!! come on workers think about it! Do you think all those union casinos wish they were"nt union! Hek NO thier happy they are!!!!!!

Unions are necessary if people are being taken advantage of......Coal Miners are being taken advantage of...The Bartenders at Station are hardly being taken advantage of....Unions are VERY similar to Dinosaurs.

Why is SENIORITY the driving force behind who gets work???? When did performance go by the wayside? If I'm the person who has worked at the company the longest, than I get to stay at my job EVEN if I'm the LEAST qualified person!!!???

Cuidado...Be careful what you wish for.

Today was a great day. I feel so victorious. My manger told me to take my button off. I told him he would have to take it off for me. I thought he was gonna punch me.lol. 20 minutes later he cam back and apologized to me, and said I have the right to wear my button he was sorry for yelling at me. We got got em now. Now, let's finish them off.

recently our managers posted a question, concerns anonymous box for weekly typed memos also making it mandatory for us to come in for service standards for 2hours in the coming weeks if we don't go we'll be written up they are at very inconvenient times 7am-9am or 1pm-3pm if you have children and those are not hours you are scheduled to work you have to pay someone to watch your children

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